May 25, 2024  
2020-2021 School of Graduate Studies Catalog 
2020-2021 School of Graduate Studies Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

EDC 782 - Methods of Teaching Spanish I

3 Credit(s) The class will survey the history and theory of foreign language teaching at the elementary level. A thorough review of National Standards, the Massachusetts Frameworks and ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines will be conducted. Topics researched and practiced include teaching resources, curriculum development, unit planning, classroom management, testing and assessment, and the use of technology in teaching Spanish at the elementary level. The course includes a 45 hours pre-practicum experience at an area elementary school and is conducted in
Spanish. The course represents a continuation of students’ growth in attaining the Professional Standards for Teaching (PSTs), revisiting many of them at the practice level before demonstrating them in the practicum semester. Three lecture hours per week. Field placement and field-based assignments required.
Pre-requisites: Permission of the department chairperson and acceptance into licensure program.