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2013-14 Undergraduate Catalog 
2013-14 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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Associate Professor Christopher L. Boucher, Chairperson

Professors: Julie Belock, Maura Murray, Mary L. Platt, Arthur J. Rosenthal

Associate Professors: Joseph Fox, Reva Kasman, L. Pedro Poitevin, Brian J. Travers

Faculty Emeriti

Professors: Said AbuZahra, Joyce Anderson-Cryan, Yuk Keung Cheung, Harold Harutunian, Martha L. Hunt, Robert Kalechofsky, Thomas J. Kryouz, Woon Chung Lam, Robert Mooney, Jamal Shahin

Associate Professors: Kenneth Griswold, Ralph D. Lewis, Peter C. Wong

Programs Offered

Bachelor of Science - Mathematics 


Mathematics Minor 
Secondary Education  

The Mathematics Program

Mathematics is the language of science, providing a framework for analyzing the world by abstracting from our observations that which is essential to the question at hand. An understanding of mathematics gives its owner a powerful approach to solving problems through organization, simplification, and abstraction. This approach often leads to solutions and techniques of great beauty, independent of their application, and it is the aim of the Mathematics Department to furnish its majors and general studies students with some of this understanding and an appreciation of this beauty.

In today’s job market, individuals with highly developed analytical and problem-solving skills are in great demand and so there are a number of career options open to students who choose to major in mathematics. These include careers in secondary education, actuarial mathematics, operations research, and information technology. Students who intend to teach secondary mathematics must major in mathematics and are encouraged to minor in secondary education.

The Mathematics Minor

For additional information, see Mathematics Minor 

The Secondary Education Minor

For additional information, see Secondary Education Minor, Mathematics  and BS Mathematics, Secondary Education 

Special Programs and Resources


The awarding of departmental honors to a Mathematics major signifies that the student has both a superior knowledge of the subject and has completed a substantial creative achievement outside of the normal pattern of Mathematics courses. To receive honors, Mathematics majors must have a GPA of at least 3.5 in their Mathematics courses and complete an honors project supervised by a Mathematics faculty member and approved by a departmental honors committee. Interested students should consult with the Department Chairperson.

Lathrop Award

The Thomas G. Lathrop Award is a monetary award presented annually since 1980 in memory of Professor Thomas G. Lathrop. The award is presented to students who have demonstrated excellence in Mathematics or Computer Science at Salem State. Students are selected based on recommendations by faculty in the Mathematics and Computer Science departments and on their overall achievements in Mathematics and Computer Science courses. The funding of the award is provided entirely by contributions from the Lathrop family and from members of the Salem State community and is independent of university funds.

The Math Lab

The Math Lab is located in Room 306 in the Sullivan Building (ext. 6348). For additional information see http://salemstate.edu/academics/schools/2854.php

Math Society

The Math Society is a student organization open to any Salem State University student interested in mathematics. The Society sponsors a variety of events in cooperation with the Mathematics Department. Students interested in joining are encouraged to contact any member of the Mathematics Department.

The Basic College Mathematics Competency Requirement

To receive a degree from Salem State University, a student must demonstrate competency in Basic College Mathematics. The Registrar’s Office is responsible for certifying that this requirement has been satisfied by all students before graduation. The basic college Mathematics requirement can be satisfied by doing any of the following:

  1. By achieving a score of 500 or above on the SAT Mathematics examination.
  2. By achieving a score of 72 on the Accuplacer College-Level Mathematics test.
  3. By achieving a score in the 50th percentile or above on the CLEP College Algebra-Trigonometry Exam.
  4. By successfully completing MAT 090  (No Degree Credit) or any higher number mathematics course.


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