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2013-14 Undergraduate Catalog 
2013-14 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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Associate Professor Michael Deere, Chairperson

Professors: William D. Cornwell, Krishna Mallick

Assistant Professors: Kurt Armsden, Severin Kitanov, Michael Mulnix

Faculty Emeriti

Professors: William J. Donlan, Kevin P. Funchion, Edward D. Meagher

Associate Professor: Gerard A. Bedard

Program Offered



Program in Philosophy

The Philosophy Department offers a minor  in the discipline and supports two concentrations for the Bachelor of Liberal Studies: The Applied Ethics Concentration and the Philosophy of Art and Culture Concentration. Philosophy also offers elective and required courses for students in many majors in which training in philosophy is valuable, including nursing, psychology, criminal justice, business, political science, and music. Philosophy major is pending approval at this time.

Philosophy courses encourage deep reflection on, and logical analysis of, the dominant institutions, activities, and ideologies that shape the modern world. The department’s faculty and students draw upon philosophy’s diverse methods and perspectives to critically examine politics, society, religion, business, medicine, science, art, the mind, and ethical values. Building on the department’s traditional strength in applied and social ethics, Philosophy encourages students to engage with timely social debates arising from environmentalism, feminism, the peace movement, business ethics, medical ethics, and more. Proceeding on Aristotle’s premises that “all men by nature desire to know,” and that “philosophy begins in wonder,” the department stimulates students through traditional and contemporary readings and through classroom discussions. The study of philosophy also helps students understand the views of other individuals and other cultures.

It is hoped that students will continue their philosophical dialogue beyond the classroom, sharing it with other students, teachers, parents, friends, and coworkers. Students are encouraged to act upon their individual philosophic convictions rather than accept philosophical ideas and values as a matter of convenience or tradition.

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