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2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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Professor Jian Gu, Chairperson

Professors: David Goodof, Anne-Marie Hakstian, Gavriel Meirovich, Leah E. Ritchie, Guorong Zhu

Associate Professors: Myunghee Jeon

Assistant Professors: Robert Daniell, John F. McArdle, Parvathi Jayamohan, Chaerin Yun  

Faculty Emeriti

Professors: Jeffrey A. Berman, Edward Desmarais, Massoud Farahbakhsh, Jacqueline C. Landau, John E. Mack

Associate Professors: Theodore Hansen, J. Richard Kenney

Program Offered

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration


Hospitality Management 
Human Resource Management 
International Business 


Business Administration  

The Management department educates and trains students to become managers and leaders. The curriculum builds students’ strategic planning, team, supervisory, coordination, communication, employee development, and interpersonal skills. The concentration content also focuses on ethical decision making, stakeholder management, and the demands of competing in a global environment. Business Administration Majors can choose to specialize in one of the five concentrations offered: Management, Entrepreneurship, Hospitality Management, Human Resource Management and International Business. The department offers minors in Entrepreneurship, General Management and Business Administration.

Management Concentration

The Management concentration prepares students for supervisory positions and provides a general management perspective. The curriculum helps students develop and refine their people management, business problem solving, leadership, ethical decision making, stakeholder management, interpersonal, resource allocation, and communication skills. Students also use strategic planning and models to predict business outcomes and to make socially responsible decisions.

Entrepreneurship Concentration

The Entrepreneurship Concentration provides students with fundamental knowledge required to start and maintain a successful business. The instructional program integrates the experience of founders and employees of entrepreneurial ventures to provide a “real world” view of small business management. The concentration requires students to create a business plan for a new business and to complete an internship exposing them to the demands and experiences of a start-up’s day-to-day operations.

Human Resources Management Concentration

The Human Resources Management concentration focuses on skill building in the areas of employee selection and development, team-building and conflict resolution. Students learn about equal opportunity employment environments, related laws and standard policies. The professional association Society of Human Resource Management, SHRM accredited the concentration.

Hospitality Management Concentration

The Hospitality Management concentration provides students with specific knowledge and skills required for management-level employment in the industry. The concentration’s curriculum exposes students to multiple facets and requirements of hotel and restaurant management, as well as conference and event planning. The concentration students to complete an internship in their chosen specialization.

International Business Concentration

The International Business concentration provides students with the knowledge required to compete in a global economy. The concentration’s structure enables students to acquire specialized knowledge in areas such as finance, marketing, transnational management and to focus their knowledge on specific geographic areas and cultures throughout the world. The concentration strongly encourages students to gain proficiency in a foreign language and to participate in a study abroad program.

Double major World Language and Cultures and Business/International Business Concentration

Students double-majoring in International Business (BSBA-International Business concentration) and World Languages and Cultures (BA-French, Italian or Spanish concentrations) may double-dip up to 18 credits of coursework.  Six credits of advanced language courses may count towards both the WLC advanced language major requirement courses and the IB concentration electives.  Twelve credits of IB major concentration courses may count towards the WLC interdisciplinary Courses requirement.