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2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Marketing & Decision Sciences

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Professor: Anurag Jain, Interim Chairperson

Professors: Nisreen N. Bahnan, Linda J. Coleman, Youqin Pan, Zaiyong Tang, Philip A. Vaccaro

Associate Professors: Yu Hu, Xu Hartling

Assistant Professors: Mayuresh Kelkar, Fernando Colina, Jean Paul James


Faculty Emeriti

Professors:  A. Richard Anderson, Daniel D. Gordon, Elizabeth M. Haran, Craig McLanahan
Associate Professor: Duncan LaBay

Programs Offered

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration


Management Information Systems 
Operations and Decision Sciences  



Marketing Concentration

The Marketing Concentration provides students with the opportunity to develop their communication, analytical, creative, and decision-making skills for successful careers in marketing. They will learn to appreciate the fact that customer centered companies are most likely to succeed in today’s competitive environment. The program builds upon the foundation of a liberal arts education and upon a common body of business knowledge as well as the specialized area of marketing and of social awareness. Marketing students can, by carefully choosing their courses, develop a concentration around a diverse area of personal interests, such as consumer behavior, international marketing, strategic marketing, marketing research, retailing, advertising, guerrilla marketing, business marketing, sales management, and current issues in marketing.

Management Information Systems Concentration

The Management Information Systems (MIS) Concentration  provides students with knowledge and skills of using information technology to manage business operations, solve business problems, explore and capitalize on business opportunities, and improve people’s lives. Information technology and its management play a key role in modern organizations by empowering all business functions—leading to improved efficiency and effectiveness of overall business operations and sustainable competitive advantage. The MIS curriculum builds on the Bertolon School of Business common core while offering students training in database management, project management, networks and security, systems analysis and design, and special/current topics in MIS.

Operations and Decision Sciences Concentration

The Operations and Decision Sciences (ODS) Concentration involves the formal study and application of quantitative techniques to practical decision making. The techniques are applied to a wide variety of complex problems in business, government, health care, transportation, retailing, and many other areas. The courses in this concentration introduce the quantitative models designed for sound decision making in today’s complex and increasingly uncertain business environment.