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2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Accounting & Finance

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Professor:  Douglas Chene, Chairperson

Professors:  Miranda Lam, Hongtao Guo, Raminder Luther, Norbert Tschakert

Associate Professors: Zlatinka Blaber, Lisa Chen, Sanjay Jain, Sanjay Kudrimoti, John Purisky

Assistant Professors: , Brian LeBlanc

Faculty Emeriti

Professors: Jaysnti Bandyopadhyay, David M. Jacobson, John Lannan, Douglas A. Larson

Associate Professors: William T. Appleyard, Kathy J. Dow, Carolyn J. Ryan, Gordon L. Spangler


Programs Offered

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration


Corporate Finance - Accounting   



The Accounting Concentration provides a strong foundation to help prepare students for careers in public accounting, corporate accounting, and graduate school. In addition to providing a comprehensive accounting education, this concentration provides core business skills including analytic and communication; and important opportunities for leadership, interaction with professional accounting organizations, internships, and community service. Completion of the Accounting Concentration will satisfy the education requirements to sit for the CPA exam.

The Finance Concentration provides students with a broad understanding of financial concepts and equips them with analytical, critical thinking, and decision making tools. Students concentrating in finance learn to conduct investment analysis, stocks and bonds valuation, business valuation, currency risk and hedging analysis, cash and working capital management, and long-term financial planning. The program prepares students to pursue financial management careers in domestic and multinational corporations and financial institutions.

The Corporate Finance - Accounting Concentration is a cross-functional program designed to prepare students for the rapidly evolving world of corporate finance. Students in this concentration acquire a broad understanding of both accounting and financial concepts. They learn to conduct detail accounting entries, business valuation, risk analysis, cash and working capital management, long-term financial planning, and financial statements analysis. This program equips students to succeed in corporate accounting and financial management careers where they need both a solid background in finance and a thorough understanding of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.