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2013-14 Undergraduate Catalog 
2013-14 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Nursing, LPN to BSN Part-Time Program, BSN

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General Education Core Requirements


Level I


  • Basic College Math
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Computer Literacy
  Level II

Distribution Sequences (18-20 credits)

  Level III
  • ____ ____ (Literature I) 3 Credit(s) ______
  • ____ ____ (Literature II) 3 Credit(s) ______

Distribution Electives (15 credits)

  Among the distribution electives, the student must earn at least 3 but no more than 9 additional semester hours in each of the three divisions.

Humanities (Division I)

  • * PHL ____ Ethics 3 Credit(s) ______

Science/Mathematics (Division II)


Social Sciences (Division III)

  (Note: Courses allowable as distribution electives are marked DI, DII, or DIII in the College Catalog.)
  Level I to be completed in the first 30 credits
  Level II to be completed in the first 53 credits
  Level III to be completed before graduation


Courses in Major (55 credits total)

Advanced Placement Nursing Credits (6 credits total)

  • Based upon graduation from a nationally accredited LPN program and current LPN license and practice. 6 ______

Sophomore Year

Junior Year

Senior Year

‡ Free Electives (0 credits minimum)

  • ____ ____ _________________________________ __ ______

Additional Information and Notes

* These are required support courses which may also be used to satisfy the indicated Distribution requirements. A student may choose to fulfill Distribution requirements with courses other than the ones listed, but these listed courses must still be taken.

Note: If a course is used to satisfy two or more requirements, (for example, a support course and a distribution elective), the credits are counted in only one place. Using a course to satisfy more than one requirement does not reduce the total credits required for graduation.

† The distribution laboratory science sequence requirement and distribution credits are met by the indicated Support courses required in the Nursing curriculum. However, students may satisfy Distribution requirements with courses other than these required Support courses.

‡ Computer Literacy requirement, if satisfied by a course rather than the Computer Literacy examination. Additional credits earned by successful completion of exemption examinations are awarded upon successful completion of the course. The 6 additional credits earned by the LPN licensure and practice are included in the 55 credits required in the major.

^ Students may take SOC 330  or any one of the following Sociology courses: SOC 305 , SOC 306 , SOC 313 , SOC 314 , SOC 317 , SOC 318 , SOC 320 , SOC 332 SOC 340 , SOC 341  or SOC 349 .

Biology: Credits for a minor are already included in the required program but application must be made.

Exceptions in the timing of courses will be made for transfer students.

Total minimum credits for graduation: 122

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