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2016-2017 School of Graduate Studies Catalog 
2016-2017 School of Graduate Studies Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

English, Master of Arts/Master of Arts in Teaching

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Program Objectives

The Master of Arts/Master of Arts in Teaching English offers students a balanced program of reflection and research in principles and practices for instruction of English language and literature with particular emphasis upon contemporary methodology. It builds additional competence in the subject area of English. Successful completion of the program leads to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts academic requirements for licensure to teach English at the secondary level. It also prepares students for advanced studies in literature at the doctoral level.

This program offers students a clear route to attain full professional licensure. The MAT in English program meets the current state requirements for the initial licensure package. The MA in English program provides students with an appropriate means of obtaining professional licensure if they already have initial licensure. Students who have completed Salem State’s undergraduate education and English programs, which provide initial licensure, can enroll in the MA in English program to fulfill the academic requirements for professional licensure.

Additional Admissions Requirement

Before applying to the program, students must have obtained Preliminary Licensure (a passing score on the Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure), both in the communications and literacy skills portion and the content test for English, in addition to other requirements.

Language Proficiency

Degree candidates must demonstrate proficiency in a foreign language  by one of the following options acceptable to the department graduate committee: a) proof of satisfactory completion of six hours of undergraduate credit beyond the elementary level of a foreign language; or b) a passing grade in a departmental reading language examination. Students who have not completed a foreign language prior to entering the program will have the opportunity to take a foreign language exam.

Program Requirements

Upon acceptance into the program, you will complete a tentative Plan of Study in consultation with the program coordinator. You must request that any transfer credits be considered at this time. PLEASE NOTE THAT NO MORE THAN THREE COURSES TAKEN AT SALEM STATE UNIVERSITY BEFORE ADMISSION CAN BE COUNTED TOWARDS THE PROGRAM. You should meet regularly with the program coordinator to discuss your progress and revise your plan of study, as needed.

All candidates for this degree must complete a minimum of 57 credit hours of graduate course work, as described below.

For information about the writing concentration and alternate capstone, please see the MA: English program coordinator.

Required Courses

Content Courses (15 Credits)

Five content courses to be selected in consultation with the program coordinator (following review of undergraduate transcript).

Methods (6 Credits)

Must be taken consecutively immediately prior to the practicum and seminar.

Elective Courses (12 - 18 credits):

Four English electives, including at least one seminar and an MA capstone experience, selected in consultation with the program coordinator (see the MA English program coordinator for details)


Six English electives, including at least one seminar, selected in consultation with the program coordinator. (see the MA: English program coordinator for details). 

Total Credits: 57-63

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