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2017-2018 School of Graduate Studies Catalog 
2017-2018 School of Graduate Studies Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Master of Business Administration

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The Bertolon MBA program provides students with diverse undergraduate degrees and work experiences the opportunity to attain a graduate business degree. This degree program enables students to expand existing competencies, achieve professional goals, realize intellectual pursuits, and serve their communities. The program focuses on serving working adults from businesses, non-profit organizations and communities in northeastern Massachusetts. The curriculum blends the student’s professional experience with core business concepts and skills. Through a set of core courses and a variety of electives, the curriculum permits flexibility. The pedagogical approach emphasizes learning by combining experience, business concepts, comprehensive analysis, and communication and team skills. This approach is achieved through lectures, experiential exercises, cases and field-based studies. Using cross-functional techniques, the program provides an integrated examination of the implications of an interconnected global economic environment, technological change, ethical and social responsibility, racial and ethnic diversity, and organizational transformation towards managing a business. The MBA Graduate Faculty is committed to teaching and learning as their primary responsibility with secondary emphasis on research, scholarship and instructional development.

Program Requirements

Total Credits: 36-54

Advanced Standing Credits

The credits that must be taken in the Bertolon MBA Program range from a minimum of 36 credits to a maximum of 54 credits, depending on the quantity of advanced standing credits (ASCs) awarded. Students who receive advanced standing credits for previous work that meet the following criteria may be able to take fewer than 54 credits. Under no circumstances, however, can students receive a Bertolon MBA by earning fewer than 36 credits.

  • Advanced standing applies to course work taken from an accredited college or university. All courses must have been taken prior to acceptance into the MBA program.
  • No course presented for advanced standing may be more than six years old at the time of the evaluation.
  • A grade of 3.0 (B) or better on a 4.0 scale must have been earned in all course work evaluated for advanced standing.
  • Advanced standing applies only to a certain group of courses in the Bertolon MBA program.
  • A maximum of 18 ASCs may be awarded for foundation courses.

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