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2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Asian Studies Minor

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Li Li, Coordinator

The Asian Studies minor is to help students at Salem State University gain a better knowledge of Asia. The minor consists of a coherent collection of courses leading to knowledge of the geographic, historical, social, legal, and cultural structures in Asia. It trains students to have both a historical understanding and a current knowledge of human development in Asia. The program has a strong local touch as it incorporates the history of Salem’s maritime trade with Asian countries such as China, Japan and India.

The minor consists of 18 credits hours, with no more that 9 credits coming from any one discipline. Courses are chosen in consultation with the Asian Studies Program Coordinator. The minor covers three categories including 3 credits for the one required IDS capstone course, 9 credits from the core category, and 6 credits from the elective category. Courses in the core category may also be used to fulfill the elective requirement but the same courses cannot be used to satisfy both categories. Students must fulfill course requirements in all of the three categories in order to graduate with the Asian Studies minor. Courses that are applied to the student’s major cannot be applied simultaneously to the minor.

There are five primary objectives for the new Asian Studies minor:

The minor is designed to provide students with a solid historical background s the foundation of their learning about Asia.

The minor offers students with contemporary knowledge regarding cultures, geography, peoples, politics, and societies in Asia.

The minor explores critical issues in Asia that significantly impact both Asia and the world.

The minor inspires students to think critically about the American role in Asia.

The minor introduces the Asian market to students who want to participate in the ongoing economic growth in Asia.

Students are urged to consult with the Asian Studies Program Coordinator as early as possible to work out a program plan for the Asian Studies minor. Courses in the major discipline may not be used to complete a minor.