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2015-2016 School of Graduate Studies Catalog 
2015-2016 School of Graduate Studies Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Academic Support Services


Cancellation of Courses Parking
Career Services Policy Changes
Center of International Studies Preschool Program
Counseling and Health Services Responsibility Statement
Frederick E. Barry Library and Learning Commons Salem State University Bookstore
Health Insurance Shuttle Service
Information Technology Special Note
Instructional Media Services Student Suggestions
Office for Students with Disabilities Train and Bus Information
O’Keefe Physical Education Center Writing Center


Frederick E. Berry Library and Learning Commons

The Frederick E. Berry Library and Learning Commons at Salem State University. The new facility, completed in 2013, houses the university library and a learning commons that includes a variety of academic support services. The learning commons brings together the Center for Academic Excellence, Academic Advising, TRIO programs, Disabilities Services, the Writing Center, and the Honors Program, and recognizes the synergy between and among these academic services and the library.

The library has been designed to take advantage of evolving pedagogies and technologies. Learning spaces have been planned to meet the varied needs of students and faculty, in a fully networked and wireless environment.


The Berry Library is open seven days a week. Hours are: Monday through Thursday, 7:45 am-2 am; Friday 7:45 am-7 pm; Saturday, 11 am-5 pm; and Sunday, 1 pm-12 am.  Any changes in hours will be posted at the entrance to the library. During final exam periods the library is open twenty-four hours a day.


The Berry Library provides a core collection of over 300,000 volumes of print materials to support the academic programs offered by the university. In addition to its own collection, the Berry Library provides access to other library collections electronically and through membership in several consortia. Students, faculty and staff of Salem State University with a current validated ID may borrow library materials from Salem State or through interlibrary loan. Salem State University library materials circulate for three weeks and may be renewed a total of two times.


The Berry Library has a collection of over 57,000 electronic journals and 400 print journals with backfiles for most of these. The periodicals list is available on the Berry Library web page.

Reference Services

Subject specialist librarians are available for assistance with research needs. Students in need of reference assistance should inquire at the service desk on the main floor. For in-depth research assistance, an appointment may be scheduled with a professional librarian.

Electronic Resources

The Berry Library web page provides direct links to our databases, the library catalog, staff and departmental information, directions to the library, and Internet resources. The address of the SSU Library web page is Most databases are available by using a web browser from either on or off campus.

Library Catalog

The Berry Library’s online catalog accesses over three million items in the NOBLE database. Remote access requires a current SSU email account. NOBLE (North of Boston Library Exchange) is a consortium of academic and public libraries located north of Boston. The NOBLE catalog and the library web page serve as a gateway to the Internet and World Wide Web.

Interlibrary Loan

The Berry Library offers interlibrary loan (ILL) to obtain materials available in other libraries. ILL forms are available at the service desk upon presentation of a validated Salem State ID. ILL requests may also be made electronically from the Berry Library Web Page or by e-mail to  “” NOBLE requests are delivered by courier usually within a few days. Requests for materials outside of NOBLE may take from one to two weeks. Students should plan ahead so that there is enough time to fill these requests before research projects are due.


Items placed on course reserve are available at the circulation desk. A current validated ID or library card is necessary to borrow materials. Students may borrow two items at any one time. Items circulate for two hours, twenty-four hours or seven days as requested by the instructor.

Users with Disabilities

The Berry Library offers reasonable accommodations to users with disabilities. For the visually impaired the Berry Library offers an Optelec print enlarger, audio books, and Zoom, a reading/voice output software on one workstation. In addition, the Berry Library has Jaws for Windows and Kurtzweil 3000 software with scanner. The Berry Library also offers e-mail reference from its web page to assist hearing impaired users.


Information Technology

In addition to the computer kiosks in the Commuter Lounge located in the Ellison Campus Center, there are four general-purpose open computer laboratories offered to the campus community which are maintained by the Information Technology Department. These labs are located in the following buildings:

Meier Hall 201 (North Campus)
Sullivan Building 111 (North Campus)
CC129 (Central Campus)
Harrington Building 100 (South Campus)

Lab hours are posted outside each lab as well as on the IT web page, hours may vary over holidays and during peak-usage periods. Typically, when the University is closed due to inclement weather, the labs will be also. A current Salem State University ClipperCard is required for admittance to all IT labs. All PC’s run on Windows XP. The computers are configured with standard software configurations based on academic need. Some applications may not be available in every lab due to software licensing costs. Please refer to the web page for lab specific software. Access to the university network is available from all labs. To find more information about IT and our Open Access and department computer labs visit us at

Information Technology also provides network support to the university residence halls. This support includes both wired connectivity in the rooms and wireless support in lounges and other public areas. Support for Resident Students may be obtained by emailing us at

Wireless network access is provided in all buildings at the college as well as several outside locations. For more information about using a wireless device on campus as well as to sign up for service, please visit Information Technology also provides information and support for the University Laptop Initiative. For more information, please visit

“Get Connected” to the online student services by visiting where you will find help for logging in for the first time, forgotten password help, email activation, registration, add/drop, clipper card access, and WebCT access. Tutorials are also available here too.

Instructional Media Services

The Instructional Media Center supports faculty, students, and staff who wish to use presentation technology to enrich learning in teaching and instructional settings.

Media Services and Media Engineering offer operation training, repair, and troubleshooting of classroom equipment, and sign out of smaller sized portable equipment. Video Services offers a television studio, computer video editing, duplication of original Salem State University programs, and video field recordings.

We also feature live, interactive videoconferences to distant sites, as well as a Screening Room for media presentations or video conferencing. We work closely with college areas and outside vendors in the design, installation, and upgrade of presentation technology in all classrooms and presentation areas.

Our staff is available for training and demonstrations on how to use smart boards, video conferencing, TV studio, video editing, camcorders and tech classrooms. We work with the Center for Teaching Innovation in support of faculty training and support needs. We are eager to help you. Please contact the IMC Office for assistance and information.


Center for International Education

The Center for International Education services for international students include: orientation, personal counseling, re-entry training, forums, workshops and individual advice on immigration, taxes, employment options, travel, and maintaining legal status. Advising on opportunities for study/travel abroad and an extensive overseas resource library are available. The center administers the Institutional TOEFL test several times a year and offers an English as a Second Language Program which prepares students for academic study and professional work. Students in the college’s graduate teaching programs often observe classes or complete practicum teaching within the program. The International Students Association and the CIE organize international dinners, cultural nights, speakers and other events for the college community. A newsletter is distributed.

For more information visit, the phone number is 978.542.6351; FAX number 978.542.7104

Office for Students with Disabilities

The College is committed to providing appropriate services and accommodations that allow self identified students with disabilities to access all programs and activities at the University. Students are responsible for identifying themselves to the Office for Students with Disabilities’ staff and informing them of the need for specific services and accommodations.

The Office for Students with Disabilities provides academic support to students with all types of disability including: learning disability LD; mobility impairments; medical disability; blindness and visual impairments; deafness; psychiatric disability and traumatic brain injury TBI. For further information or to make an appointment, please call 978.542.6217, Voice or 978.542.7146 TTY or visit

Writing Center


The Writing Center (MH220) provides students with individualized assistance in writing. Tutors in the Center focus each session on a student’s particular writing needs, which can range from basic grammatical problems to broader concerns, such as planning a format or developing an approach to a particular writing task.

Students are welcome to use the Center’s computers to compose, revise, and edit their writing or to conduct online research. The computers are available on a first come, first serve basis. Laser printing is available.

The Center operates either by appointment or on a walk-in basis. If a tutor is not immediately available, arrangements will be made for a tutoring conference as soon as possible.

Students who confront writing problems in any of their courses or who anticipate difficulties with required written work are urged to make use of the Writing Center. The Center will also assist students who simply want to develop their writing abilities more fully. For further information, contact the Writing Center at 978-542-6491, or visit the Center’s Web site at

Salem State University Bookstore

The University Bookstore is located on Central Campus. In addition to textbooks and supplies needed for courses at Salem State University, the bookstore also has computer software, paperback books, stationery, greeting cards, assorted gifts and various clothing items.

For further information, and hours of operation visit or contact the Bookstore at 978.542.3808.


Health Insurance

Graduate students registered for a minimum of 9 credits hours or more are required to produce evidence that they are covered by a qualified student health insurance program. Uninsured students must purchase health insurance from a program available through the college, or purchase a health benefits program with comparable coverage with a carrier of their choice and furnish evidence of this coverage to the Registrar before registration. The health insurance waiver is on the course registration form. Individual and family coverage is available through the college plan. For further information, students may call the Health Services Office, or the Bursar’s office.


For maps and infomation on parking:


Parking decals may be obtained online from the Office of Public Safety. A fee is charged. Emergency temporary registration may be made at Public Safety. Parking zones reserved for handicapped persons, visitors, or guests are clearly designated.

Shuttle Service

see for complete shuttle schedule.

Train and Bus Information

Salem State University is easily accessible by train and by MBTA buses running from Boston, Lynn, Beverly and downtown Salem. For train and bus schedules go to or call the MBTA Traveler’s Information Center at 617.222.3200 or 1.800.392.6100.

Cancellation of Classes

In case of a severe storm or hazardous driving conditions classes may be cancelled. Notification will be given on the following:

For University closings and delayed openings:

Go to: Call: 978-542-6000


WBZ-TV Channel 4
WCVB-TV Channel 5
WHDH-TV Channel 7
FOX Channel 25
WLVI-TV Channel 56
NewsRadio AM 1030

Delayed Opening
Regardless of media reports, a delayed opening means classes and work begin at 10:30 am.

Evening and Weekend Policy

Every effort will be made to make the decision for evening classes no later than 1 pm
Please note: If decision to cancel day classes is publicized this does not mean evening classes are cancelled. Please check local media, the college’s Web site or call 978.542.6000 after 1 pm for information regarding evening classes. 
The decision for Saturday classes will be made by 6 am if possible.
When the campus is closed, all weekend and evening activities are canceled.

Further information about cancellation of events will be available at the college’s Web site or by calling the department sponsoring or running the event. It is NOT advised to rely on media outlets for this type of notice. Decisions to close the Library on weekend days will be made by the Dean, Library. Decisions on University weekend or evening events should be directed to the Department sponsoring or running the event. It is NOT advised to rely on media outlets for this type of notice. Students are requested not to call Campus Police or the School of Graduate Studies Office for this information. Students should make their own judgment about hazardous driving conditions in the area.

Student Suggestions

Salem State University School of Graduate Studies wishes to be responsive to student needs. If there is a course or program you would like to see offered, please write to the Dean of the School of Graduate Studies. We welcome your suggestions.

Special Note

The School of Graduate Studies reserves the right to discontinue any course for which there is insufficient enrollment, to combine classes, to restrict the registration in a course, to reschedule a course, to section and provide additional instructors for any course which is deemed overcrowded, when necessary to change instructors, and to take other necessary administrative actions.

Responsibility Statement

Students are responsible for all information given in the latest catalog and also, for all published and posted regulations, procedures and changes. No deviations from any graduate regulations are permissible unless they are approved first by the appropriate academic department, program coordinator and the Dean of the School of Graduate Studies.

Policy Changes

Changes in institutional policies referenced in this publication may be made periodically by the appropriate governing bodies. All policies contained herein are subject to those changes at the time they are designated as effective.


Counseling & Health Services


The Counseling & Health Services Department provides a comprehensive range of services designed to assist students in staying healthy.

Counseling Services has professionally trained staff who view personal concerns as a normal part of the growth process. Counseling is designed to help students solve problems and reduce the physical and emotional stresses which may interfere with academic or personal goals. Students frequently seek counseling for family or relationship difficulties, alcohol and drug use, depression or anxiety.

All services are available in a comfortable and confidential environment without charge to Salem State University students. Appropriate community referrals are provided when necessary.

Suite 107, Ellison Campus Center, North Campus
978.542.7121 Fax

Fall & Spring Semester Office Hours
Monday-Friday           8 am - 5 pm

Urgent Care Walk-in   8:30 am - 4:30 pm
Summer and Semester Breaks

Monday - Friday         8:30 am - 4:30 pm
Please call for walk-in hours during summer & semester breaks. Ellison Campus Center, Room 107

Career Services

The mission of the Office of Career Services is to offer comprehensive career planning support to all members of the Salem State University community (undergraduate, graduate students and alumni/ae) in identifying, planning and implementing thoughtful career decisions. We are committed to helping students and alumni/ae gain skills which they will be able to utilize throughout their lifetime, empowering our clientele to proactively manage their own career path.

Our counseling and programmatic services encompass all stages of the career development process remaining sensitive to the influence of personal development concerns. We assist clients in conducting thorough self assessment (clarifying values, interests, skills and personality preferences), provide access (print and technical) to occupational, job search, current labor market and graduate school information through our comprehensive Career Resource Center. Additionally we teach job search skills and strategies which enable students and alumni/ae to conduct successful targeted job searches. We seek to collaborate with employers to cultivate strong relationships resulting in challenging employment opportunities for students and alumni/ae while satisfying employer needs.

Ellison Campus Center

O’Keefe Physical Education/Athletic Center

The Richard B. O’Keefe Physical Education/Athletic Center, opened in 1976, is one of the largest facilities of its kind among colleges and universities in Massachusetts. Its different facilities—ranging from an ice arena, basketball courts, dance studio, tennis courts, swimming pool, sports medicine facility, and Wellness Center—are the bases for improving the academic and athletic excellence of Salem State University. Student fees and generated revenues support a schedule of use covering seven days per week, twelve months of the year. Normal operating hours are 7 am till 9:30 pm, Monday through Friday, and 12 till 9:30 pm on weekends. During the summer the Center is open 9 am - 5 pm on weekdays. Proper identification is always required.

Preschool Program

The purpose of the Preschool is to provide a high quality, early childhood education program to children 2.9 years to five years old. First started in 1970, the Preschool program and is based on developmentally appropriate practices influenced by the Reggio curriculum philosophy. It maintains high standards including low teacher/ child ratios (1:6), small group size (15 children) and high educational and training requirements for staff. Parents are encouraged to become actively involved in the Preschool.

The Preschool also serves as a laboratory school by providing Salem State students and faculty opportunities for observations, projects and research. The program also offers part time employment opportunities as Teacher Assistants for Salem State students. The Preschool is licensed by the Department of Early Education and Care and accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children.

For further information, see our web site at