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2014-15 Undergraduate Catalog 
2014-15 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

School of Education

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Joseph Cambone, Dean

Cleti Cervoni, Associate Dean

The School of Education at Salem State University continues the proud history of Horace Mann and the establishment of the normal schools in Massachusetts; to provide a high-quality student-centered public education to those who will become the next generations’ leaders. From its beginnings as a small teaching college for women to the large, diverse and comprehensive academic institution it is today, Salem State and its education program remain true to the values of its founders; to serve all of the children and the families in the region, to partner with educational institutions to impact change, and to ensure the vision of excellence and innovation in education envisioned by the founders and now carried forward by the faculty and staff.  

Toward this end of excellence and innovation, the School of Education is divided into two departments:  

The Childhood Education Department prepares undergraduate students to become educators of early childhood and elementary-aged students. It offers undergraduate and graduate programs in early childhood and elementary education leading to teacher licensure. For information about graduate programs, consult the graduate catalog.

In the next couple of years we are planning to implement a 4+1 program leading to license with the option of multiple licenses in ELL, SPED and additional coursework in literacy. In addition we will be offering a B.S. in Early Care and Education for students who are interested in becoming leaders in early childhood education.

The Secondary and Higher Education Department prepares undergraduate students to be educators in middle and high school settings. Students planning to teach at the middle school level (grades 5-8) or high school level (grades 8-12) complete a major in the School of Arts and Sciences in the field of knowledge for which the teaching license is sought, along with a minor in Secondary Education. Departments offering approved licensure programs for grades 5-12 in conjunction with the secondary education minor are English, History, and Mathematics. Departments offering approved licensure programs for grades 8-12 in conjunction with the secondary education minor are Biology, Chemistry, English, Geological Sciences (Earth Science), History, Mathematics, and Theatre Arts. Additionally, the Department of World Languages and Cultures offers licensure to teach Spanish in grades Pre-K-6  or 5-12  ; the Art Department offers Pre-K-8  or 5-12  licensure programs; and the Sport and Movement Science Department offers options for licensure to teach Physical Education at the Elementary or Secondary level. Please refer to those departmental sections of the catalog for program requirements, as they are concentrations within the major.

In addition, The Secondary and Higher Education Department houses the higher education program for those seeking a career in student affairs and the leadership program for those students interested in administrative positions in schools In the next year or two we expect to implement not only a 4+1 in secondary education but in addition an educational studies program for students who wish to work as educators and interpreters in non-profit settings such as museums, wildlife sanctuaries and the National Park Service.