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2010 School of Graduate Studies Catalog 
2010 School of Graduate Studies Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Financial Information



Massachusetts Residents


Most Programs

Tuition is $140 and fees are $135 per credit hour

Example: One 3 credit course = $825


Non-Residents of Massachusetts


All Programs

Tuition is $230 and fees are $135 per credit hour

Example: One 3 credit course = $1,095




The same tuition and fees stated above apply to auditors enrolled in credit courses.


Additional Fees – As Applicable


Application Fee: $50 (with application for admission)

Clinical Nursing Fee: $20 per clinical hour (when indicated)

Field Service Fee: $20 - $35 per semester (depending on program, when indicated)

Graduate Education Practicum Fee: $90

Graduate Education Clinical Fee: $90

Laboratory Fee: $15, $20 or $25 (when indicated)

Commencement Fee: $50 (upon Commencement)

Please note that all of the above are subject to change.

Financial Responsibilities

The Department of Higher Education Coordinating Council and the Salem State College Board of Trustees have established the following policy pertaining to students or former students at any of the State Colleges who are listed by the financial office of said State College as having unpaid debts for tuition, room, board, medical or other College related charges:

Where said debts have not been discharged by operation of law or where deferred payment of said debts has not been agreed to by said College, such students will NOT be:

  1. issued any degree to which they might otherwise be entitled,
  2. permitted to register for any program at any State College for which said students might otherwise be eligible,
  3. furnished a certified copy of any State College transcript (unless said transcript is needed to obtain any benefits related to service in the United States Armed Forces) although said students will be entitled, upon written request, to inspect and review uncertified copies of their transcripts.

Financial Aid

The following Financial Aid is available to students who are accepted degree candidates enrolled in a minimum of six credit hours of course work per semester, and who meet other eligibility requirements.

Federal College Work Study Employment Program
Federal Stafford Student Loan Program
Salem State College Scholarships

Students are urged to file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) after January 1 for the following fall semester to meet the April 1 priority deadline (school code 002188). Those students matriculating spring semester should have their FAFSA filed by November 1. Students may use FAFSA on the web, or the Renewal FAFSA (fafsa.ed.gov) to apply for aid. Students applying for summer school must also complete an institutional summer school Financial Aid Application by April 1. Students with extenuating circumstances, such as job loss, reduction in work hours in order to attend college, separation, divorce, etc. may wish to complete an appeal form should such circumstances impact the student’s ability to attend or continue enrollment. All forms and applications are available on the College’s web site at salemstate.edu/finaid.

Financial Information

Students will receive an award letter upon completion and review of their application.

Students awarded Federal College Work Study are paid an hourly wage. Positions are available on-campus or off-campus. Students are also encouraged to work in community service jobs. Contact the Student Employment Office for more information or attend the annual Job Fair held in September. The Student Employment Office is located in Human Resources office.

Graduate students may borrow under the Federal Stafford Loan Program. The maximum is $8,500. This may be subsidized or unsubsidized or a combination of both. An additional $10,000 Unsubsidized Federal Stafford Loan may be borrowed per academic year, not to exceed the cost of attendance. All matriculated students who are taking at least 6 credits are eligible, regardless of income or need. However, those without financial need, as determined by the Financial Aid office, will not qualify for the Subsidized loan and must pay the interest on the loan while in school or have the interest capitalize.

In addition to work and loan, limited scholarships based upon need are also awarded to eligible applicants. Other Scholarships are available through the scholarship committee. These applications are available in December for the following academic year. Alumni scholarships are also available through the Alumni Office.

For more information, please visit our website which contains more detailed information about aid programs, costs, consumer information, forms and applications.

The Financial Aid office is located on the first floor of the Administration building. Office hours are Monday-Friday 8:30 am - 5 pm.

Veterans Affairs

The mission of Veterans Affairs at Salem State is to assist student veterans, survivors/dependents, reservists, and members of the guard with both state and federal educational benefit programs.  Whether you are a new or continuing student, we are dedicated to providing you with resources and services to assist you in achieving your academic and educational goals.


Salem State College Veterans’ Affairs Officer
Samuel Ohannesian
Enrollment Management, Meier Hall 250
Salem State College
352 Lafayette Street
Salem, MA 01970

Email: sohannesian@salemstate.edu
Fax: 978.542.6753

Veterans Educational Benefits
The Veteran Education Service administers the benefit programs outlined below.  To learn abut specific program infomation please visit the website of the Department of Veterans Affiars or call 1.888.GI.BILL.1 (1.888.442.4551) to speak with a Veterans Benefits Counselor.

Graduate Assistantships

Each academic year several Graduate Assistant positions are available for interested and qualified students. To be eligible to apply, a student must be fully accepted in a graduate program at Salem State College, carrying at least two graduate courses per semester or their credit equivalent. Additional academic requirements include: a minimum of a 3.0 average in the major field of study, a minimum GMAT or GRE verbal score of 500, and a quantitative score of 500 if the applicant’s major field of study is mathematics or science.

There are three categories of assistantships: faculty research assistants, academic program assistants and Administrative Assistants. Faculty research assistants assist individual faculty with their scholarly work throughout the academic year. Academic program assistants provide service to academic programs such as the Writing Center during the tenure of their assistantship. Administrative Assistants provide administrative assistance to a college department

Each full-time assistantship carries a monthly stipend and an award of tuition remission in all courses except directed study courses, courses by arrangement, and thesis courses. The stipend is for 10 hours a week rendered to the department to which the assistant has been assigned. The tuition remission is considered a financial resource in any Financial Aid award. For further information, contact the School of Graduate Studies at 978 542-6323.

Course Privileges for Students Over 60

The School of Graduate Studies has made the provision for students over 60 years of age to enroll in courses tuition free if space is available. For special programs, institutes and seminars, it will be necessary to pay the program fee. It will be helpful for eligible students to present proof of age at registration for prompt processing.

Corporate Tuition Reimbursement

Many area employers will reimburse their employees in full or in part for courses considered job-related. Students are advised to check with their employer’s personnel office for detailed information.

Refund Policy

A student wishing to withdraw from a course must complete a Registration Change Form available in the Registrar’s Office. The date and time that the form is received by the Registrar’s Office will be the official date and time of withdrawal. Unofficial notices will not be accepted as notification of withdrawal.

Fees are not refundable unless a course is cancelled by the College. Refunds of TUITION ONLY are made to eligible students as follows:

Refund Policy for Fall and Spring Semester:

Withdrawal before first meeting: 100% refund less $20 administrative fee
Withdrawal before second meeting: 90% tuition only refund
Withdrawal before third meeting: 50% tuition only refund
Withdrawal after third meeting: No refund
(Fees are not refundable)

Refund Policy for Summer Session I and II:

Withdrawal before first meeting: 100% refund less $20 administrative fee
Withdrawal before second meeting: 90% tuition only refund
Withdrawal after second meeting: No refund
(Fees are not refundable)

Refund Policy for Special Format Courses:

(Includes institutes, accelerated courses and any other course that is not a full semester (15 week) course.)
Withdrawal before the start of first meeting: 100% refund less $20 administrative fee
Withdrawal before the start of second meeting: 50% tuition only refund
Withdrawal after the start of second meeting: No refund
(Fees are not refundable)

Note: Refunds are based on dates of scheduled class meetings, not on attendance.

Tuition and fees are refunded if the College cancels the course. We are not responsible for finance charges incurred on your American Express, Discover, or MasterCard.